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Rustic Taffeta Ribbon

Rustic taffeta is a natural effect ribbon so is not shiny or glossy rather more like a matt fabric. Rustic taffeta looks fabulous around jam jars or bottles of olive oil and has the perfect fit with our corrugated boxes for presenting natural products such as soaps and candles.

Rustic Taffeta is available in 14 colours and 2 widths on 25Metre reels or 5M lengths.

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12mm rustic taffeta ribbon

12mm Rustic Taffeta

  From £3.02 inc vat

 length of roll

25mm rustic taffeta ribbon

25mm Rustic taffeta

  From £3.60 inc vat

 length of roll

colour swatch rustic taffeta ribbon

We have tried our best to represent the colours to true form however please do remember that all screens can reproduce colours differently.

We do offer a sample service on ribbon click here.

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